Enjoy the highest comfort on the track. From now you don’t have to cary stove or dishes everywhere. We present FLAMELESS HEATING for the AdventureMenu meals. It is lightweight, it is fast, it is revolutionary.
Zipper-bag is a special pouch in which you can heat the meal using flameless heating pads. Zipper-bag is made of extra thick material so it can resist high temperatures and multiple use in hard conditions.
Flameless heating represents the most comfortable way of warming up the meal. It works everywhere, no matter what the altitude is and what the weather conditions are. You don´t need to carry stove or dish anymore. Heat your meal without fire and eat it straight from the pouch. In 12 minutes you have a warm meal and no dish to wash. The zipper bag is reusable up to 30 times.


How does it work? Look!


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